About 212

A Message from Pastor Ronnie

Since the beginning, Relevant's mission has always been about transformation. We know that what the world doesn't need, and what Jesus didn't call us to be, is just another church in a sea of churches. He called Relevant Community Church to transform lives: to reach people who feel far from God or the Church, to be a light in the midst of darkness, to help bring the healing power of God to a broken world. And so as a united community of people, we have set our sights on making a lasting impact in people's lives, in our local community, and in the world.

In order to move our mission forward, in December of 2016 we took the biggest step we have ever taken as a church, and launched a 2-year generosity initiative called 212. This season was all about turning up the heat of in our generosity to 212 degrees-to boiling point-for the next two years AND beyond.

Our original 2-year goal had two parts: Our PRIMARY goal was 100% engagement; that 100% of us at Relevant would go before God and have a life-transforming encounter with Him as it relates to our faith and generosity.

Our SECONDARY goal was that God would provide $3.8M of generosity through Relevant to Transform People, Transform our Community, and Transform the World. For many weeks we went before God and asked Him what He would have us do in regards to our generosity; we gathered together on Sunday mornings and were challenged by God's Word; we met together in groups to share about what God was doing in our lives and our church; and we prayed about what it would mean for each of us to turn up the heat of our faith and generosity to 212 ... about what it would mean for each us to trust God with 100% of the resources He has given to us.

What we saw was amazing. We experienced unprecedented generosity at Relevant. Not only was our $3.8M goal reached for a church whose budget was only $650K per year, but it was EXCEEDED with $4.3M in generosity commitments over the next two years (Dec. 2016-Dec. 2018).

I am so grateful for every person who is part of Relevant. Because we all chose to turn of the heat of our faith and generosity to 212 ... God transformed people, our community, and the world through Relevant in extraordinary ways over the past year ... BUT I believe the best is yet to come. I encourage you to examine our vision for 212 and prayerfully consider what steps of faith God is calling YOU to take during this season.

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God is calling us to

Turn Up The Heat

Transform People

Expanded from $1.3M to $1.5M

Through this expanded goal, we will be able to lead MORE people to Grow, Connect, and Impact others through Relevant. We're also going to more heavily invest heavily in our Children and Student Ministries in order to transform young people. Lastly, we're going to better equip Relevant to transform people from a paid staff , leadership, and operations standpoint.

Transform Our Community

Expanded from $2.0M to $2.4M

God has continued to show us what The Relevant Center means for our community and us. There are some essential components of The Relevant Center that would help it be a more effective tool to transform our community and the people of Relevant, BUT that we didn't think would be possible to include in it. Because of God expanding our vision, what didn't seem possible ... IS. Furthermore, it has always been our desire to have as little debt as possible after The Relevant Center is built, and we are going to be able to decrease the amount of debt even more now.

Transform the World

$Expanded from $500K to $600K

This expanded goal is going to allow us to, first, invest more in serving Karen refugees here in Omaha and on the Thai/Burma border. We have a vision of helping bring long-term transformation to the Karen community locally and globally, but we can't do it ourselves. Our expanded goal also allows us to develop necessary strategic partners for that to happen. Lastly, our expanded vision will allow Relevant to take the next step in supporting and starting new churches in new communities.

Our Primary Goal

100% of the people
at Relevant
would engage in 212

Our Secondary Goal

Raise $5.1 million
over 2 years